December Update

Hi all! It has been over a year since I started this fundraiser - wow! Jodie has continued to improve each month, and especially in the last 3 months. 

Jodie’s doctor is so pleased with her progress. Jodie has recently been able to go out and about for short bursts here and there and has been able to have a few friends visit her.

She is continuing to be extremely dedicated to her treatment protocols, doing around 4-5 hours of treatment per day for 5 days a week! Right now her protocol is targeting her babesia infection, as well as continuing to boost her immune system and focusing on detox. She will be moving on to targeting her bartonella and borrelia infections in about 6 months time. She also went to Marlow recently, with my parents, to see Dr Helena again, and had her leaking mercury filling removed. She has two cavitation surgeries to complete next year. 

She still has a long way, as is still testing positive for Lyme and co-infections, but she has done incredibly well so far all thanks to you guys! We are all so thrilled at the progress she is making. 

Sending you lots of good vibes for the holidays

Here is a nice video of Jodie’s auntie Jackie busking for this fundraiser last Saturday with Christmas songs. 

Many thanks,



I have made a short video outlining Jodie's treatment and further treatments her Lyme consultant has recommended.

Jodie is making small wins and it is a beautiful thing to see her slowly healing, all thanks to you. However Jodie’s Lyme consultant has picked up further damage Jodie's body has, caused by her Chronic Lyme disease and co-infections.


I am carrying on fundraising so Jodie can access the treatments recommended by her consultant. I changed the target to £1 so as not to discredit the money we have already raised, and to open up the ability to raise more for anyone who has not yet seen the fundraiser or is in a position to donate or share this page/update.