We hope you are all well during these rough times. I thought I would give you a update on Jodie & her treatment.

Her health practitioners continue to support her with treatments at home due to the current restrictions -such as infrared therapy, PEMF, lymphatic drainage, prescriptions and herbal protocols. Jodie is still housebound but has definitely made some small wins! Her sound & light sensitivities have decreased and she is able to spend more time out of bed. Her practitioners have been building up her immune system, as well as addressing her mycotoxins - as these need to be clear before she moves on with other treatments.

Healing for Jodie will take time, as there could potentially be many layers to her health crisis. She needs to work on one thing at a time slowly, so not to overwhelm her body, but we are very happy that she is improving!

I will be leaving this page up and may be doing more fundraising actives later in the year if we need.

Sending our best wishes!

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