What will Jodie use these funds for?

As Jodie's infections have progressed so much to a point where she is severely ill, she requires a long-term comprehensive treatment protocol for the best possible chance for a sustained remission. She will be using these funds to supplement the cost of her treatment over the next 18 months. Jodie is having her treatment with the London Lyme Clinic, and also hopes to raise enough money to attend Neomed Clinic in Cyprus for their lyme & gut detox protocol next year. As Jodie's gut is severely affected by her infections, long-term oral antibiotics is not a treatment option for her. She has been advised to do a combined approach using traditional and alternative treatments, this approach will look at Jodie's body as a whole - in order to get the best possible chances for a full long-term recovery.

The more funds we raise the more comprehensive Jodie's treatment protocol will be for a higher chance of full remission. Her total treatment will span over the next 2/3 years. If Jodie gets well sooner, and has funds left over they will be donated to Caudwell Lyme Charity, who are raising money for research into Lyme treatment, with the hope that options will become available within the UK. 

What will happen if Jodie does not get treatment?

As Jodie's lyme disease is progressing rapidly, she risks getting life-threatening complications from her on-going infection. As lyme affects the whole body systems, different parts of the organs can begin to have major complications which can require surgery. Due to further complications caused by ongoing infections, in some cases 'lyme disease' has been fatal. 

Lyme Disease Association

Why is Jodie severely affected?

Jodie has two co-infections alongside her lyme which have knocked her system even more, creating more debilitating symptoms. Jodie's blood tests indicate chronic immune suppression and cellular immune deficiency. Her immune system has been overloaded and can no longer fight any of these infections. It also makes her more susceptible to further infection such as virus's, parasites, mycotoxicty and heavy metal, for which some she has tested positive on her blood & urine tests. 

How long will the treatment take? 

As Jodie's doctor suspects she has had Lyme disease for a very long time, 7-20 years, her treatment will take some time. She suspects in one year she will be able to start piecing together her life again, however she understands it could take 2/3 years until she feels she is fully recovered/ in remission. 

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