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- May Update -


Last month Jodie celebrated her birthday and it was the first one in two years where she was able to leave the house - a big win!


Jodie recently went to Portugal for some diagnostic tests, treatment, and to see how her body would respond out of mould here in the UK. She was able to get special assistance on the flight there and back which was a real help. She responded well to the treatment, and the tests showed some virus’s Jodie would have had in the past but still causing inflammation in her body (Coxsacki, Orthomyxo, Toga and Varicella Zoster) as well as specific heavy metal toxicity. She will be working with her consultant to address these. Her brain fog was decreased in Portugal, so we are doing an ERMI test to find the mold levels in our house as they change throughout the year, and Jodie will do another Mycotoxin urine test.


Jodie is about to start the niacin protocol for 6 weeks, she will be working remotely with a practitioner in the US who runs her own niacin clinic. She will also be looking into Chelation therapy with her consoltant. Both of these are to decrease the heavy metal burden in her body/ brain.


We have seen her healing like a onion, peeling back each layer at a time! Many thanks for all your continued support, everything is working and Jodie is making incredible progress!


New treatments in the next few months -

Niacin protocol

Chelation therapy

Desbio for Bartonella


Treatments she has been doing -

Ozone treatment for lyme/mold/virus’s Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF)

Frequency specific microcurrent

Anti parasitic drugs targeting babesia and other infections

Full Spectrum Infrared & Red Light for detox/ immune support

Binders & detox protocol

Faster EFT to reset her nervous system

Gut support protocol Bioresonence



Jodie had a setback in January, where she had a severe allergic reaction caused by some mold in our house, which caused her symptoms to flair and brain inflammation. As Jodie is very sensitive to mold this is something we have to constantly be aware of. Jodie started a new treatment of Ozone insufflations to help detox the remaining mycotoxins (mold) from her body and to further target her lyme and coinfections. This new treatment, along with everything else she is doing is helping her get back on track.

Last week Jodie walked 10km  (with her walking aid) when one of her friends came to visit, which is the furthest she has walked since being ill - a big achievement for her! She is continuing to do around 5 hours of treatments per day.

I am still going to leave this fundraiser up, as Jodie is spending around £2000 per month on her medical treatments including doctors' and practitioners' appointments, lab tests, medications, supplements and at-home health equipment.

Many thanks to everyone's generosity and kindness!


December Update

Hi all! It has been over a year since I started this fundraiser - wow! Jodie has continued to improve each month, and especially in the last 3 months. 

Jodie’s doctor is so pleased with her progress. Jodie has recently been able to go out and about for short bursts here and there and has been able to have a few friends visit her.

She is continuing to be extremely dedicated to her treatment protocols, doing around 4-5 hours of treatment per day for 5 days a week! Right now her protocol is targeting her babesia infection, as well as continuing to boost her immune system and focusing on detox. She will be moving on to targeting her bartonella and borrelia infections in about 6 months time. She also went to Marlow recently, with my parents, to see Dr Helena again, and had her leaking mercury filling removed. She has two cavitation surgeries to complete next year. 

She still has a long way, as is still testing positive for Lyme and co-infections, but she has done incredibly well so far all thanks to you guys! We are all so thrilled at the progress she is making. 

Sending you lots of good vibes for the holidays

Here is a nice video of Jodie’s auntie Jackie busking for this fundraiser last Saturday with Christmas songs. 

Many thanks,



I have made a short video outlining Jodie's treatment and further treatments her Lyme consultant has recommended.

Jodie is making small wins and it is a beautiful thing to see her slowly healing, all thanks to you. However Jodie’s Lyme consultant has picked up further damage Jodie's body has, caused by her Chronic Lyme disease and co-infections.


I am carrying on fundraising so Jodie can access the treatments recommended by her consultant. I changed the target to £1 so as not to discredit the money we have already raised, and to open up the ability to raise more for anyone who has not yet seen the fundraiser or is in a position to donate or share this page/update.