October Update

Jodie has been powering through her treatments. She spends around 5 hours a day on her treatment protocols (on a good day). Her treatments are targeting her specific pathogens/ infections, as well as boosting her immune system and mitochondrial function. She is currently focusing on treating her Babesia infection (a nasty co-infection to Lyme) with medications and support protocol. 

Each month Jodie is feeling stronger and stronger, and looking more healthy, and has even made it to the beach numerous times at the end of summer, as well as had friends visit her! 

Her next big trip will be the removal of her leaking mercury filling. When she is strong enough she will also have cavitation surgery on her 3 cavities in her mouth which is harbouring her lyme bacteria. 

As her treatment is ongoing with numerous costs each month I am still keeping this website live and the GoFundMe to accept donations.

Thank you all for your continued support and helping get my sister back to her full vibrant self! 

beach 1.jpeg


I have made a short video outlining Jodie's treatment and further treatments her Lyme consultant has recommended.

Jodie is making small wins and it is a beautiful thing to see her slowly healing, all thanks to you. However Jodie’s Lyme consultant has picked up further damage Jodie's body has, caused by her Chronic Lyme disease and co-infections.


I am carrying on fundraising so Jodie can access the treatments recommended by her consultant. I changed the target to £1 so as not to discredit the money we have already raised, and to open up the ability to raise more for anyone who has not yet seen the fundraiser or is in a position to donate or share this page/update.